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Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training Bali

  April 2 - 8 C.I.T.Y ( Confidence In Teaching Yoga )
  March 10 2017 - May 10 2017 500hr Teacher Training Program
  August 6 - 12 C.I.T.Y ( Confidence In Teaching Yoga )

We are excited to bring a schedule of Yoga Alliance certified teacher training events to the Bali, Lombok region. These events are masterfully crafted and delivered to ensure all participants receive a thorough and practical education in how and why the system of yoga works. There is an ocean of knowledge that lies beyond the basics physical practice of this science. Give yourself the opportunity to explore its magic and how to incorporate this science into your life by participating in these well crafted courses delivered by seasoned Instructors

For any further information about these events or your visit to the Bali region please email info@H2Oyogaandmeditation.com