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New Year's 2012


Dec 28 2012 - Jan 3th 2013

On the magical island of Gili Air this seven day 'True Nature' meditation and yoga retreat provides the opportunity to slow down and reconnect with your core essence, creating space for inner stillness and reflection.

No previous experience in either field is required; this retreat will provide a meaningful experience for everyone; beginners and advanced yogis alike. Sunrise and sunset meditations on the Islands shores will complement your yoga asana practice and pave the way for our journey of 'inter-being', a feeling of connection with everyone and everything.

The daily morning practice is designed to provide the participants with an opportunity to develop a yoga / meditation practice which can be continued to use on return home. Golden times of silence will be for reflection of the year that is to pass and the year that lies ahead, giving clarity and a positive new direction.

It must be emphasized that we do not use meditation to withdraw from society, but to re-charge and connect with our spirit - the essence of who we really are. Then when we stand up from our silent sitting and interact with others - this is when the real meditation begins! This is where the fruits of our efforts will be rewarded as we maintain our 'air' of peacefulness and share that with those around us.

Within the idyllic island setting of Gili Air, we will connect with the elements of Earth, Water, Fire and Air - feeling the ocean breeze, soaking up fresh prana, swimming with turtles - attuning our vibration with mother Earth and father Sky.

Start your year positively and join us for this unique spiritual retreat in Paradise.
Bindu Meston - founder of H2O Yoga and Meditation Centre, Gili Air.

Proposed daily schedule:

5.45am Wake up for sunrise
5.45am - 7.15am Sunrise meditation/ Swim and snorkel
7.45am - 8.15am Meditation in the Yoga circle
8.30am - 9.00 am Fruit snack
9.00am - 10.00am Free time
10.00am - 11.30am Yoga Asana class
11.30am - 12.00am Green tea break
12.00am - 12.30pm Island Brunch
12.30am - 1.30pm Free time
1.30pm - 3.00pm True Nature time: Finding a relaxing place to simply 'Be' - Calm our breath, calm our thoughts, give ourselves
permission to relax and connect with ourselves and nature. Watering the seeds of peace, purity, love, wisdom and joy.
3.45pm - 4.30pm Contemplation meditation on year to pass/ year to begin/journaling
4.30pm - 5.30pm Creative exercise
5.30pm - 7.00pm Sunset meditation and chanting
7.00pm - 7.30pm Walking meditation
7.30pm - 8.00pm Dinner/Free time
8.45pm - 9.15pm Discussion/ Evening meditation
9.15pm Take rest

Cost: $450USD

includes return fast boat from Bali (1.5 hours), Island brunch, herbal teas and dinner (all vegetarian) and seven nights shared accommodation in NEW spacious, bungalow.

Upgrade to a private bungalow for an additional $25 - $35 USD per night.


New Years Meditation Retreat Payment Options:

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